SmartAsset, a financial technology and personal finance advisory company, published their sixth annual study of the best cities for women in tech – computers and information technology. On behalf of women, Baltimore, and our cyber clients, I am excited to see Baltimore at the #1 spot for 2020.

The study ranks 59 cities and considers four factors: gender pay gap, earnings after housing costs, women’s representation in the tech workforce, and four-year tech employment growth.  While “employment opportunities and pay in tech jobs still tend to favor men. Women make up about 26% of the tech workforce nationally and, on average, are paid only 83% of what men are paid in the industry.” On average, Baltimore stats are better with 33% women in the tech workforce and 94% as the gender pay gap. Tech employment in Baltimore has grown by 26% over the four years from 2015 through 2018 versus 17% nationally.

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